Dog is shot 4 times while saving a soldier’s life. His thank you is becoming viral

It is not by chance that there is a saying “the dog is man’s best friend”. This is because these animals and humans have evolved together over time … Already in ancient times men were able to tame wolves, which years later became the docile dogs we know today. They are together in good and bad times. This dog we’ll see next was shot 4 times at one of those less good times.

Dogs have a natural instinct to protect their owners, and today’s story is a great example of this. Layka is a Belgian Shepherd Malinois, a breed that is known for being very smart and accustomed to dealing with high risk and stress situations. The little dog and her team were in Afghanistan on a mission and suddenly they began to hear shots … When they found out they were in the middle of a shooting!

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The shots came from all directions in that ambush. In the midst of the confusion, one of the soldiers sent Layka to a nearby building to make sure that no attacker was there. The dog advanced bravely and succeeded in this task, eventually protecting the area and her unit. Unfortunately, in the middle of the process, the animal was shot four times by the enemy …

As soon as the conflicts were over, Layka was rushed to a military hospital. She suffered severe injuries, but luckily the doctors were able to save her life! But at a cost: Layka’s leg had to be amputated!

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Sergeant Julian McDonald, the dog’s trainer, felt guilty about what happened to Layka. But that decision meant the difference between the life and death of his team. “I felt bad because I was the one who put it inside the building, but at the same time I was glad I did it because I was still alive and my friends on my left and my right were still alive.”

The dog was a real heroine and McDonald knew he had a huge debt to her .. “I owe you everything,” he said excitedly. So, as a thank you, the sergeant did something wonderful … he decided to adopt Layka so the animal could live the rest of his life in peace.

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Many people said not to, because the dog was too aggressive. The adoption was quite difficult, but McDonald never gave up on it. Now he and Layka are finally together! And contrary to what everyone thought, the animal is kind and loves to play with McDonald’s children.

Youtube – National Geographic

Although Layka has lost her paw, she has saved her staff and now lives a comfortable life! It’s wonderful to see how rewarded she was for her bravery.

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