Dog is sad at the shelter until she is visited by the firefighter who saved her

After this poor little dog was rescued by a brave firefighter, she created a connection with him that couldn’t be broken. When they met again, she couldn’t be happier.

Chunkie – the puppy in question – was a pit bull that was found by the firefighter. She was in the rain, alone, when he found her.

After clearing her, Mike took her to the animal shelter on Front Street in Sacramento. There she was given medical attention and was treated for her scabies by the staff. After she was checked, she received a comfortable outfit to protect her skin.

The dog was obviously grateful for Mike saving her while she formed a strong bond with him. He left her in the shelter and then left. She missed him so much. After all, he was the man who had saved her life.

Mike would not have left for long. The next day, Mike went back to the shelter and found the puppy. Fortunately for us, this meeting between Mike and Chunkie was filmed.

To make things even better, it turned out that Mike had talked to his family about Chunkie, and they went over the possibility of adopting it. Followers expect Mike’s family to agree to the suggestion and give Chunkie a new loving home. The video is one of the coolest things you’ve ever seen.

Not only is it a moving reunion between a puppy and the man who saved his life, but it is further evidence that pit bulls are not monsters, but happy and loving souls, if treated with kindness.

Source: APost


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