Dog is locked in minimal space behind the bars to “take care” of the pizzeria

Although many animals seem absolutely adorable, and certainly it is, it is also true that, sadly, not everyone thinks this way.

The owner of a pizzeria in Peru has committed the vilest act against his dog.

The fact spread widely in the social networks after a woman named Shery Muñoz captured in an outrageous photograph the poor dog locked in a minimum space behind the bars of the premises of the owner.

The man put the animal to be “guard dog”, and so in this reduced space, serve as an alarm to prevent theft.

The business is called “Pizza Raul” and is located at Francisco Bolognesi Street, 6, in the city of Santa Anita, Lima, Peru.

But apparently, their bad owners have forgotten that the dog is also a living being and, as such, feels hunger, heat, cold and suffering.

Shery was heartbroken when she saw him and went to Facebook to report the incident on March 18.

“Share. This puppy has been locked since last night and this picture was taken today. The dog doesn’t have room to sleep and is very thirsty, not only in the rain but also in the tremendous sun, in this place, RAUL PIZZERIA”, wrote the girl in her Facebook post.

When the fact quickly became viral, other users also reported on Twitter:

The owners of the company, in turn, have not issued any statement, but Shery after making the complaint, expects to have an answer soon and the miserable owners respond for their actions.

But one thing is sure and, we hope that the owners have at least noticed the cruelty of their behavior.

See that look and his soul breaking!

“There are two basic things to do: 1) put a complaint, I think there are laws that protect animals, right?” And 2) “Do not buy into that business.” You have to give where it hurts the most. , do not have a good heart and do not deserve any consideration, “said one person.

Share this news to raise awareness and situations like this are always denounced for justice to be done.

Source: Zoorprendente


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