Dog is left tied to a sled with a note saying, “I can’t walk anymore”

It’s a sad reality that older dogs are the least likely to be adopted in a shelter. But that doesn’t just happen in shelters. Many families who live for years with a pet end up later, when they get older, abandoning them when they most need warmth, love and care.

The impact this has on the physical and emotional health of the puppys is unimaginable. One example is what happened to this dog that was found outside the city of Canastota, New York.

Rescue teams from the Wanderers ‘Rest Humane Association were surprised when they found a beautiful Golden Retriever abandoned on the street – someone left it there tied to a sleigh and with a note written on it.

“They left him outside our shelter at dawn, tied to the sleigh,” said the foundation’s rescuers.

He was a huge, old, very sad, exhausted dog. He had some water, but he couldn’t understand why his family had done something like this to him.

“I’m over 10 years old. I can’t walk anymore,” said the note that accompanied it. The poor dog urgently needed help. When dogs reach a certain age, they start to need a little extra veterinary attention. It’s a shame that many families don’t see them as the special beings they are and refuse to give them the help they so badly need.

According to the first tests, the dog could no longer walk because it suffered from arthritis and a subcutaneous infection.

The rescuers knew that this sweet dog came from a heartbreaking experience and decided to give it shelter and share its history through social networks.

“Leaving a pet trapped makes it susceptible to all sorts of dangers. We help as many as possible, but we have limited resources. We depend on donations,” said a spokesman for the Wanderers ‘Rest Humane Association.

They took the puppy to the vet and there they checked his delicate state of health. However, he just needed a little help to recover and continue enjoying his last years of life. Fortunately, the beautiful Golden found people determined to help him.

“We don’t know the situation of the person who left that puppy. If your pet needs help, don’t abandon him, seek help,” the shelter spokesman said.

Dogs deserve all the love in the world in return and should never be abandoned when they need it most – they spend years giving us joy and we must provide them in their final years the best life possible.

Source: Portal Do Animal


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