Dog is left in the cold – man sees him shivering and doesn’t waste time

Many people assume that dogs can naturally resist adverse weather conditions due to their thick hair. However, even the strongest of dogs can suffer when temperatures are too low.


A puppy was left on the street, under a temperature of 20 degrees below zero! His owner went inside the post office, assuming he’d be back in a few minutes, and her pup wouldn’t have any problems in the cold. However, she couldn’t be more wrong.

In a few minutes the dog began to tremble and would have been sick or injured had he not been seen by a stranger in time.


A man saw the dog shivering in the cold and decided to sit next to him, to give him some human warmth. To his pleasant surprise, the dog crawled into his lap and snuggled up to warm himself. The man stayed with the dog until his owner returned. No one knows the fate the dog would have faced if this hero hadn’t arrived in time.

Be gentle with your pets and do not assume they can endure difficult conditions just because they are animals. Watch the video below to learn more about this emotional story:

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Source: I Love My Dog


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