Dog is found abandoned and huddled in the trash

One thing we cannot stop is time. As we age, we hope to do so gracefully and with dignity, but sadly that isn’t always possible, especially for a helpless dog living on the streets.

This elderly dog, riddled with mange, starving and helpless, tucked his frail body into a ball and waited to die. He no l0nger had the drive to live. Time hadn’t been kind to him. As countless people passed him by during his years, not one stopped to help him. They just left him there to suffer.

The skinny dog was on a pile of rubbish and hid, hoping no one would bother him. But a special rescue group didn’t care that he was old, sad or hopeless.

They wanted him to spend the remaining days in a safe place.

As one rescuer approached him, he stood up, and you could see nearly every bone in his body. He was covered in wounds. He didn’t want the rescuer to touch him, so he tried to get away. The most heartbreaking cries resonating from him– they were cries of despair, they were cries of fear.

The dog screamed, but this didn’t deter the rescuer. He knew what he had to do.

The rescuer put a blanket over him to calm him down. The blanket would also make fetching him much less painful.

Finally, at the rescue center, the old dog was cared for. His hairless skin, covered in sores, was covered in topical medication. He also received an injection for pain.

Then he received a medicated bath. This would greatly help his skin heal. The rescuers gave him a medicated bath every day. This would soothe him and help clear the skin of painful diseases.

Miraculously, after a few months of much TLC, the old dog who had curled up to die was given a new name and a new life. Meet Edward!

Edward’s story is proof that EVERY life is worth saving. No matter how withdrawn they are or how sick, there is still hope. He can now live pain-free with wonderful people who will make sure he has food every day and a lot of love. Edward gets to spend his golden years as he should– happy and safe.

Just look at that smile!

See the full rescue story below. Thank you, Animal Aid, for all that you keep doing for animals in need.

Source: I Love My Dog Somuch


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