Dog is found abandoned after the death of her owner

While some people were doing a makeover at a home in Little Haiti in Miami, in the United States, one of the people accidentally stumbled into a home security system rig. When the alarm went off due to the incident, something even more curious caught the attention of Claire Morera.

A female American bulldog named Frances, who was chained, emerged in a kind of winter garden of the house. Claire approached the animal and quickly realized that he was not in a good state of health. Frances was very thin and covered with ticks. Her eyes were badly injured and appeared to be infected.

The Big Surprise

The animal that was fastened to a heavy chain seemed to have been in that situation for many days. Claire took some photos of Frances and posted it on Facebook, where she tagged a local dog rescue group called the 100+ Abandoned dogs of Florida Everglades. One of the group’s representatives, Jan Stenger, then contacted Claire to find out about the animal.

“We were actually in a different rescue that morning, but I looked for Frances’s location on my phone and we were about 14 miles away from her. [Other volunteers] stayed behind to try to get the other dog, and then we left to fetch Frances, “Stenger told The Dodo.

Stenger and his team from the rescue organization to abandoned dogs have done this work in the outskirts of Miami for about four years. After meeting Frances, Stenger was impressed by the situation in which the animal was living.

“I always say that a member of our team, Carol, and I are the strongest,” Stenger said. “We were not easily impressed, but we were both completely bewildered by this situation, which was really the worst thing I’ve ever seen in my life, I’m just choking just thinking about it.”

The woman talked to some neighbors and discovered that Frances’s owner had died and she was left alone in the residence. Exposed to the sun and rain. “People knew she had been left there, and she obviously was not being adequately fed, if at all,” Stenger said.

The Great Miracle

Due to the conditions of the dog, the rescue team estimated that she was chained for about two weeks. The removal of the current was very difficult for rescuers. They had to remove Frances from the place with a piece of it still attached to her neck.

“We took the time to get all of her chain when we brought her to the animal hospital because we did not have pliers,” Stenger said. “When we finally got the chain out of her, that was the first time she wagged her tail.”

Due to a severe eye infection, veterinarians had to remove the dog’s eyes. Her ticks were treated and Frances was fed. “She had thousands of ticks in her body and she stayed in the tub for five hours the first night and three hours the next morning to get all the ticks out,” Stenger said.

Despite everything that happened to her, she was still in good health, which allowed her to survive. And, fortunately, Frances has not contracted any disease due to ticks. The dog spent some time at the home of Stephanie Palmer, the animal hospital manager where she was treated.

Later, Stenger agreed to stay with Frances for a while. However, what was to be only a temporary stay, became permanent. “I’ve always had dogs and I’ve always had Labradors and golden, but we knew very quickly that she would not go anywhere,” concluded Stenger.

Source:Fatos Desconhecidos


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