Dog is adopted by a couple willing to make him overcome his painful past

At the end of February, a tragedy left everyone with a broken heart. Rowan Baxter and his wife Hannah were going through a difficult separation.

The two had three children and Hannah felt that the children’s lives were in danger.

The discussions became more and more intense, so she decided to move in with her parents. Savannah, her loyal pet, stayed with the children all the time.

The couple’s children were 6, 4 and 3 years old.

One day, while Hannah was taking her kids to school, the worst happened. Rowan walked up to them and painfully ended their lifes. There were several witnesses in the area who noticed that something serious was happening because of Hannah’s screams.

The family lived in Queensland, Australia.

Unfortunately, no one could do anything. The car caught fire and Rowan was killed immediately, he started the fire.

Hannah managed to break free and tried to save her children, but she failed. Her injuries were so severe that she lost her life hours later in the hospital. Now, family and friends are honoring the memory of Hannah and the little ones.

“He was chasing Hannah. He invaded her devices. It was a nightmare.”

However, there was someone who could not understand what had happened: the Savannah dog. She spent her whole life with the Baxters and now there was no one willing to take care of her.

In just a second, this furry little girl had lost her whole world. Fortunately, a friend of Hannah’s decided to take her into her care.

“He lost everything, but managed to make new friends.”

Dave Kramer was Hannah’s friend for many years. The Baxters owned a gym and Dave used to work there as a coach.

When the separation process began, they decided to close the academy and Dave realized that Hannah was in a very dangerous situation.

Rowan had a restraining order but often violated it.

He could only support her at all times and now he will be in charge of taking care of the beautiful Savannah after this terrible tragedy.

As soon as he heard about the accident, he came looking for her. I didn’t want her to be locked in a shelter. It wasn’t easy, but the cute dog started making friends with Dave’s other pets.

Sometimes she stares at the sky with a lot of nostalgia. Many people gathered at the site of the tragedy to remember the Baxter family.

Dave went several times and always has a beautiful dog by his side. It won’t be easy, but we hope you can integrate your new family little by little. She was a very close dog to the children and this shows that she misses them very much.

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Source: Zoorprendente


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