Dog is abandoned tied up in shelter gate

As staff members at the RSPCA Woodside Animal Center arrived at work on Wednesday morning, they were shocked when they were immediately greeted by a dog tied to the front gate. No one knew how long she’d been there for — and as soon as she saw them, it was clear that she’d been anxiously waiting for someone to find her.

“She was stood with her head pushed through the bars of the gate, her ears back with these big, brown puppy dog eyes,” a spokeswoman from the RSPCA Woodside Animal Center said in a press release.

The sweet dog, later called Misty, was so thin that her ribs were clearly visible, and she also suffered from a skin disease and some cuts on her nose. He clearly had a difficult life, and everyone in the shelter was so happy that he was finally somewhere safe, where he could get the care he needed.

“She must be so confused and disorientated,” said the spokeswoman.

After checking her out, the shelter found out that Misty had a microchip, but after reaching the number listed on the chip, they found out that he had been relocated several years before he somehow ended up abandoned outside the shelter.

Although Misty is safe now, everything could have happened to her while he was left alone tied outside the shelter.

Abandoning an animal, even if it is outside a shelter, is never the answer, and the RSPCA hopes to try to find out where Misty came from.

“We’re now hoping the public may be able to help with our investigation,” Karl Marston, an inspector with the RSPCA, said in a press release.

In the meantime, Misty is relaxing and recovering from her ordeal at the shelter, and once she’s ready, she’ll go on to find the best forever home where she’ll never have to worry about being abandoned again.

Source: The Dodo


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