Dog is abandoned and tied up in the woods, only with empty food bowls for her comfort

A German Shepherd was alone in the woods and barked constantly, hoping that someone would hear her. The dog was tied up, waiting for her owner to return. However, every day she became more and more disappointed.

She did not lose hope of being found

A local resident decided to report the frantic requests for help… “I got a call from one resident who said that there was a dog tied somewhere in the back of their building, and the dog was hollering and screaming all night long,” said Alex Kelly, an animal control officer in Irvington Township, New Jersey.

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Kelly ran to find the resident … But when the two went to investigate the back of the building, there were no animals around. Later, as she surveyed the area, the woman saw a head peering over the river.

Then Kelly found the little dog tied to a tree, with only a plastic doghouse and some empty bowls.

The cable, which was wrapped around her, was putting a lot of pressure on her leg. “Had it been another day or so, the circulation in her leg would have been cut off, and she probably would have ended up losing the limb,” Kelly said.

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Although she was very suspicious at first, the German Shepherdess soon realized that she was being helped. When they arrived at the animal shelter in Newark, she was a whole new dog.

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The beautiful girl was called Genesis and, after a medical examination, enough food and water, she was transferred to the Humane Associated Popcorn Park Shelter.

“It’s obvious that Genesis has been bred in the past and likely made her owner a great deal of money with her adorable puppies, yet this is how she was repaid,” Wrote the shelter on Facebook. “But that’s all a thing of the past.”

Despite her mistreatment, Genesis loves people and is eager to show her affectionate nature. Despite being shy, the team quickly realized that it doesn’t take much to win the dog over.

Fortunately, it wasn’t long before a family fell in love with Genesis, and a few weeks after her rescue, she moved into a new loving home. Share this incredible story with your friends and family!

Source: The Dodo


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