Dog in shelter gives a beautiful smile to everyone who talks to him

Courtney Wingate was at the local animal control when she passed three little Lab puppies in a kennel. As the director of the Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana, Wingate knew she couldn’t leave the adorable puppies behind — especially when one of them flashed the most charming smile she’d ever seen.

Wingate called volunteer Sarrah Walton, who ran to pick up the 8-week-old dogs. A huge LSU fan, Walton named puppies Joe, Bureaux, and O in honor of the defender and coach of the school’s football team.

The puppies tested negative for a fool at the vet, but once at the rescue, Bureaux, the puppy with a melting heart smile became ill. They took him back to the animal hospital, where he made an incredible recovery.

Back at the shelter, Walton began to realize that whenever anyone spoke to Bureaux out loud, saying he was a good boy, the puppy immediately showed his teeth in a big smile.

“It’s whenever you’re talking real sweet to him… he gets this smile like he wants something”, Walton told The Dodo. “[It’s] like he’s telling you, ‘Come pet me, come love me'”.

When the dogs were ready to start looking for their forever homes, the rescue posted a video of Joe’s natural talent for fetch. Joe immediately got adopted.

“The entire litter was friendly and sweet and they like to play”, Walton said. “Bureaux and his sister are starting to learn fetch, too”.

Walton and Wingate began to think about what special talent Burreaux could show off in a Facebook video.

He wasn’t as good at fetch as his brother, but he was a sucker for “sweet talk”

“And we were thinking, ‘Bureaux wants a home so bad that he’s always smiling, trying to cute it up,’” Walton said. “So we took that video and now it’s going viral”.

You can watch the adorable video here:

In just a few days, the video of Burreaux’s big grin has been viewed over 40,000 times. But despite his new online fame, Bureaux and his sister O are still looking for their forever home.

If you are interested in adopting Bureaux or his sister O, you can fill out an application on the Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana’s website.

To help other homeless puppies like Bureaux and his siblings, you can make a donation to the rescue.

Source: The Dodo


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