Family decides to go sight-seeing for 2 hours and leaves dog in hot car

In Squamish occurred an incident that left witnesses with a feeling of disgust and anger. One family left their puppy locked in a hot car for more than two hours. The family arrived at the Sea to Sky Gondola with the intention of enjoying a beautiful tour. However, instead of taking the animal with them, he got locked in the car.

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Witnesses could not believe what was happening. What’s worse is that the family left the dog with a diaper, indicating that they wanted to be away for a long time. Fortunately, viewers became worried and called the authorities. Then the police, BC SPCA and a truck driver were able to unlock the car and release the dog.

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The temperature inside the car reached almost 100 Fahrenheit! Although very depressed at the time of the rescue, the dog was in good health.

The family returned shortly after and recovered the dog. However, they will not be fined more than $ 300. Under the Animal Cruelty Prevention Act, charges are typically accepted only in situations where the animal dies or there is evidence of suffering.

Family leaves dog closed in hot car

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Source: I Love My Dog


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