Dog howls with joy when he discovers he was adopted after 1250 days in the shelter

Bowie was adopted when he was born and was returned to the shelter after a while.

But he didn’t stay at the shelter. Bowie was lucky enough to stay in a temporary home.

When the time came to find an eternal home, nobody wanted it. How sad!

Days turned into months, and months turned into years, and after 1,250 days, Bowie still hadn’t been adopted.

Bowie is a very sweet and friendly dog who is well-trained. His adoption fee had already been paid for, and the rescue agreed to give Bowie’s future adopter four free private training sessions and a professional photoshoot.

The shelter decided to share Bowie’s story on social networks. The publication was hoping to attract the attention of someone who would like to give it a chance.

Their post worked. They received more than 40 applications from people who wanted to adopt Bowie. They went through all of them very carefully to find him the perfect home.

They met with a woman who they felt was the perfect candidate, and she adopted Bowie this past weekend!

After years in an orphanage, Bowie is finally home! What a joy!

We are very happy to know that this sweet dog has found a home. We hope that many dogs who wait for a family in the shelters, will have the same luck.

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Source: I Love My Dog


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