Dog howls non-stop when he meets his owner again after several weeks lost

Travis Allen is a young man who lives in North Carolina and had to go through the worst nightmare of all animal lovers: he lost his dog. At Christmas, he decided to visit his family in Georgia and as always, traveled with his best friend: Chipper.

The little dog heard fireworks explode during a walk and panicked.

Travis tried to hug him and calm him down, but the puppy was so stressed that he managed to get loose from the collar and escape the noise of detonations.

Travis spent the whole night looking for him, but it was in vain. The dedicated owner spent the rest of his vacation walking the area hoping to find his dog.

He refused to lose hope, but soon he would have to go home to work and didn’t want to leave her lost puppy on the street.

It was then that Travis came into contact with a dog shelter that was very close to the area where Chipper was lost and asked for his help.

He sent pictures of Chipper and explained his situation. He had returned to his home in North Carolina but promised to return whenever possible to continue fighting for his furry friend.

Sheila Kemp, the director of dog housing; was touched by his story and decided to help him.

“In his voice, I could feel that he was heartbroken and full of sadness. I knew I had to help him and we created a team one hundred percent dedicated to finding Chipper,” said Sheila.

After almost a month, Travis received the call he was expecting. A woman found him and recognized him by the images they spread on the nets. He immediately contacted Sheila and they organized the reunion.

The adorable puppy kept wagging his tail and after a few seconds was just giving countless kisses to his beloved owner.

As soon as he realized that he was safe and that Travis had come back for him, he started howling in the tenderest way.

Watch the reunion in the video below:

This is Chipper's reunion with his daddy, Travis. For those of you who don't know about Chipper, I will do an overview. Chipper escaped from a house located near Endless Love Pet Palace on Dec. 28th, 2017. Because of the close proximity of the house to Endless Love, Travis called and alerted us so we could be on the look-out for Chipper. I felt the heartache and sadness in his voice, and I felt that we were supposed to help him. We were going to do all we could to find him. Sadly, Travis and the family had to return to NC without Chipper. I can't imagine how hard that was. Over the next few weeks, we were relentless in trying to find him. I know there were many people out looking for him every day. On Monday, I received the phone call I had prayed for since the day Chipper had been lost. The caller said she had Chipper. She had seen one of our posters. I made that long drive across town praying every second of the way it was him, and it was. He has been at Endless Love since then where he has been spoiled rotten while he awaited the arrival of his daddy. All I can say is Praise the Lord, and God is Great. I will post pics and more videos today and thank all the people I can think of for their help. What a glorious day.

Posted by Endless Love Pet Palace on Sunday, January 28, 2018

The little dog seemed to tell him all his adventures through his howls and Travis couldn’t help but hug his loyal friend. There is no doubt that Chipper and his owner have a special bond and deserve never to be separated again.

I wish all lost dog stories could have a happy ending as beautiful as this one.

Source: Zoorprendente


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