Dog hid her 9 puppies in a ditch to protect them from her cruel owner

Nana’s salvation began with Facebook’s saddest and most shocking post. In the yard she lived, day after day, for years, confined to a chain.

“I’m giving boxer mix with pitbull and his puppies … Who wants them?” He wrote his relentless owner beside the moving image.

When the insensitive man said that he intended to give his dog along with his nine puppies, the whole community of neighbors immediately mobilized. They could not allow a mother to lack the necessary conditions to survive. And that, by the heart of stone of its owner, the babies would lose the life.

Nana is 4 years old and has spent the last three years of her life chained outside her home in North Carolina. She gave birth three times and, the first two litters didn’t survive.

Miraculously, in her third litter, all her children survived and her owner wanted to get rid of them all. But the exemplary mother far from failing, and knowing the danger in the hands of her merciless owner, did something that surprised the neighbors:

She hid all her puppies in a ditch while praying to Heaven for some help to come.

They immediately notified Nana’s sorry situation to the animal rescue organization, the Fithful Friends Animal Sanctuary (FFAS). And who in turn contacted Mr. Bones & Co to get the urgent help the bitch needed.

“They sent us pictures of the conditions they lived in and the condition they were in. We believe that she hid the puppies to keep them safe,” said Elli Frank, founder of Mr. Bones & Co.


The FFAS decided to take care of all the puppies and their mother until the end of the lactation period. And they could be transferred to New York.

The adorable doggies that really are a miracle were called as the characters of Peter Pan: Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, Tiger Lily, Wendy, John, Michael, Cubby, Liza and Jane.

The FFAS volunteers were able to see Nana’s deep love for her children. And how at all times she did not leave her side to give them all the love they deserved. It was amazing to see how, despite having suffered so much in her life, she clung to her children as if it were the last thing she had left.

Then Nana and her puppies were finally taken to New York, the headquarters of Mr. Bones & Co. Nana was so exhausted after the trip that she nestled confidently in the legs of one of the volunteers.

Finally, she seemed to have known the good side of humanity, where she would be saved.

“She learned to trust us during our visits, and she allowed us to give her puppies to the temporary homes that kindly took care of them until they found permanent homes.” She knew that she had done her part and had finally been able to save her puppies and make sure they survived “Frank said.

Her mother finally managed to breathe in peace. Although she knew she could not be by her side, something told her they would be all right and, she did everything to save them.

She, on the other hand, continued to give all love to everyone around her.

The puppies continued to grow and become stronger and more healthy, waiting for a permanent home.

Nana’s terrible suffering is already part of her past. The shelter later reported on Facebook that thanks to this story spread on social media, all the puppies and the mother found a family.

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Source: Zoorprendente


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