Dog has spent his life in a box, now watch what happens when finally a vet releases him

I wish with all my heart that all animals have a good start in life, but unfortunately that’s not the case.

Many dogs are mistreated early on. Of course, most of them end up in the right place, sooner or later, but this is usually only thanks to good-hearted people who know they deserve more. We like to call these people “animal lovers”.

Animal lovers make the world a brighter place through their incredible efforts that literally save lives.

Meet Cesar! He is one of the dogs that had difficulties since the beginning

This little Yorkshire Terrier lived for many years in a dark and dirty box. Where, according to Faith Tap – his movement was restricted. We don’t have much information on the dog, but according to the source of Faith Tap, he could have been living in the box for most of his life.

Regardless of your previous experiences, it is not difficult to see that he suffered. Eventually, the local authorities heard about the poor dog and he was rescued from his torment.

When he arrived at the veterinary clinic, several people rushed to help him. He wasn’t healthy.

They acted quickly and efficiently to remove the thick, dirty hair from the dog. He’d been covered with filthy, tangled hair for a long, long time. And his body was full of infections.

Today, Cesar is enjoying life in a new and loving home, but his journey was not easy. Just watch the video below to see how a team of heroes worked to change your life. They deserve to be honored for their efforts.



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