Dog had mouth glued with electric tape but managed to find a happy ending

The cruelty that we sometimes hear about can break our hearts. This is one of those cases.

On February 26, 2019, Lee County Domestic Animal Services discovered an abused dog in a terrible situation. They received a call about a dog wandering the Lehigh Acres neighborhood.

When the team finally located the poor dog, it broke their hearts.

The dog had electric insulating tape wrapped around his mouth several times, closing his muzzle so that he could not eat, drink or even breathe.

The dog was in trouble and needed help – fast.

The terrified dog also had open wounds of unknown origin on the legs and chest. It was clear that any human who harmed him simply wanted to see him suffer. He was close to death.

As he was basically suffocating, the team took him to an emergency veterinary clinic so the tape could be removed safely and his wounds treated.

Sheriff Carmine Marceno fell in love with the abused dog and knew he had to adopt it, even before it was available. He called him Chance, knowing he had a second chance at life.

The good boy was taken to the sheriff’s house. After recovering, he joined the team of Pets on Patrol and became a representative of the police department.

He accompanied his new father to lectures and presentations, embracing a life so different from what he had before.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office was also happy to have Chance as part of the team.

He represented the authorities and became involved with the community by becoming a beloved congressman.

His new father was determined to get the guy who was responsible for Chance’s abuse. So he did not give up until the culprit was found.

“Over 70 percent of the people who abuse animals will eventually abuse a human being,” Marceno said via CBS Local. “If you hurt an animal in this county you will go to jail.”

Weeks after Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno adopted Chance, he announced the arrest 18 year old Oscar Lee Thompson III. Not only did he hurt innocent creatures, but his actions could also escalate to attacks on humans.

The authorities did the right thing for sweet Chance. But not every abused dog gets the same opportunities.

Hopefully, it will be a good example of how people should not treat their dogs.

Source: I Love My Dog


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