Dog guides police officer to his home and ends up saving a life – a true hero!

On a cold, quiet winter morning in Wisconsin, police officer Jeff Gonzalez found a black Labrador on the street. The dog was running up and down the neighborhood, but the cop could tell that he wasn’t a stray dog. The pup looked very worried about something… So when Jeff drove his car closer to the dog, he started frantically jumping!

The policeman followed his instinct and followed the dog, ending up in front of a house that seemed to be where the dog lived.

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Then on the porch Jeff saw an unconscious woman. She was completely still in a chair, still in her pajamas. Her lips were blue from the cold, and Jeff even thought she was dead.

The agent acted quickly and took the woman to a warm place while he called the ambulance. He later discovered that the woman’s name was Krystal, and the dog, John Boy, belonged to her. The little dog was worried about his mother, and realized that a policeman was the right person to ask for help

Youtube – Animal lovers

The noble dog attitude eventually saved the life of his owner. And now the woman is fully recovered! Watch the video below to learn more about this exciting story:

John Boy is a true four legged hero. Share this incredible story with your friends and family!

Source: The Animal Bible


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