Dog gets shot defending his owner from evil gang

The relationships we have established with our pets are among the most beautiful we have ever had. These puppies are really willing to do anything to help and protect us.

Felipe Sinisterra always considered his bull terrier his best friend. One day, both were walking in the park when two bandits approached them.

Felipe and his pet live in Philadelphia, United States.

What should have been a simple walk for Billy almost ended his life. The bandits took Felipe’s wallet and he agreed without hesitation to protect himself and his cub.

They continued on their way, but Billy felt something was wrong and started barking really scared. Philip grabbed him by the leash because he wouldn’t let the bull terrier attack them.

Billy is four-years-old.

The money could be recovered later, and his highest priority was protecting your pet. However, the men felt threatened as soon as they heard the dog bark and turned around.

They used their gun and injured him. A bullet hit the heart of the brave dog. As soon as the police arrived, they took the puppy to Peen Vet Veterinary Hospital.

The bandits escaped in a gray Honda.

His situation was really serious.

A heart injury is something few people can recover from, but Billy was willing to fight for his life.

They immediately admitted him to the operating room and performed two expensive surgeries. At that moment, Felipe couldn’t afford to pay the expenses, but he assured the doctors that he would find a way to pay for it.

In total, the vet’s accounts totaled over $40,000.

Thanks to the help of more than 30 local employees and a surgeon, the brave dog were able to come back to life and eventually stabilize.

Her recovery process was really difficult. He had very little energy, but he managed to survive and now it was just a matter of receiving all the love he so deserved. Meanwhile, Billy started raising money at GoFoundMe.

“My name is Billy. I’m a hero’s puppy and I need a second chance”, was the GoFoundMe company.

Fortunately, the story of the brave bull terrier is so wonderful that everyone decided to contribute a little money and, in a matter of weeks, they reached the necessary amount.

Now Billy is back home hugging Felipe. It’s a real relief to know that this difficult story had a happy ending.

Share this story to demand that those responsible be found. Billy just wanted to protect his owner and it almost cost him his life.

Source: Zoorprendente


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