Dog gets paralyzed after earthquake – but what this cop did is melting hearts

More than 300 people died during the powerful earthquake that struck Mexico a few weeks ago.
But not only have people suffered the massive destruction of their lives.

Two days after the earthquake, measured at 7.1 on the Richter scale, a group of officers found a wounded dog that seemed paralyzed with fear. Officer Gil was one of the first to discover this little dog who seemed to have lost all hope. “She had superficial wounds on her body and was afraid, she refused to eat or drink water. At that moment, she could not move.” Gil said.

Facebook – Policía Federal de México

Although many ignored this animal, Gil and his colleagues refused to leave the area. She was carefully taken to a police motorcycle and then redirected to a Veterinary Clinic in Mexico City.

Facebook – Policía Federal de México

At the clinic, a veterinarian discovered that the dog was not seriously injured and could be placed in a foster home. And the best of this story is yet to come … One of Gil’s colleagues was so touched by the fate of the little dog that he decided to keep it!

Officers not only saved the animal after the terrible earthquake, but also gave it a loving home forever. Below you can see the video of the dog’s rescue:

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Source: Incroyable


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