Dog gets depressed after losing her puppies in a fire, but a brood of orphans changes her life

Jessica Woodruff has always been an animal lover. Then, when her barn caught fire, she had to face one of the most tragic moments of her life. Jessica’s barn accidentally caught fire, due to a heat lamp, which had been placed to keep the animals warm. The fire killed four goats, one pig and seven puppies.

As soon as the fire started, the dog Daisy tried to enter the barn to save her puppies. However, the fire spread quickly and Jessica had to hold Daisy, not to end up losing her girl too.

Facebook – Daisy Woodruff

Unfortunately, everything burned in a few minutes. There was nothing Jessica or Daisy could do and it broke their hearts. For the next few days, the little dog plunged into depression… She walked into the burned barn and whimpered over her puppies. Watching Daisy in so much emotional pain destroyed Jessica.

She knew she had to do something…

Jessica’s sister, Jacque Barnett, posted on Facebook searching for orphan pups they could create. It was then they met the story of a little dog who had died, after giving birth to 8 puppies!

Both parts decided to turn their tragedies into happiness and a meeting was quickly organized so that Daisy could be introduced to the newborn puppies. Daisy’s maternal instinct immediately manifested itself and she began to feed the pups.

Facebook – Daisy Woodruff

Daisy nursed the kittens for several weeks, until they were all weaned. Fortunately, the little dog found some happiness after her terrible loss!

Dog gets depressed after losing her puppies

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