Dog gets adopted after 500 days in shelter

Some people think that animals do not feel and suffer like humans, this is far from being true.

Animals are special beings with unique sensitivity. It allows them not only to feel love, gratitude, and pain. But they are also able to feel the emotions of the environment around them.

And once they discover the mood of their loved ones, they feel joy or sadness. Just look into their eyes and their behavior to understand what their feelings are at any given moment.

A beautiful dog couldn’t contain her joy after being adopted by a family in New York.

This Christmas was perhaps one of the most special for Bonita, who longed to leave the shelter where she lived for 500 days.

Although all the staff at the shelter dedicate all their effort and attention to these puppies that, for some reason, arrive and should stay, when they find a loving home, the puppies are very happy.

It seems that they know that once adopted they will be the center of attention of their new family and that all care and pampering is for them.

And that’s what happened to this dog who explodes with happiness after realizing that you have a new family.

The images show the lovely dog leaving the shelter accompanied by two wonderful people who adopted her. They are also surprised by the reaction of their new pet.

The workers then gathered outside the shelter to celebrate the Christmas gift for this lovely dog with joy and confetti.

Finding a home was the best gift this dog could get at Christmas.

It’s impossible not to understand the reaction of this dog that moved those who saw the images that express the immense joy of this animal, who jumps from one side to the other greeting all those who applaud for their new home.

The happiness of this puppy is unique.

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Source: Zoorprendente


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