Dog gets a puppy for his birthday – his reaction has already been seen 5.4 million times!

It’s Rhett Barkley’s birthday, and the lovely Goldendoodle is about to have the surprise of a lifetime: a new puppy to play with!

Rhett is a beautiful dog that has a loving family. Since it was his birthday, his owners wanted to surprise him with a gift. They thought the dog needed a playmate and they were prepared for a second dog. So why not give him a puppy?

Well, let’s face it: the puppy was half Rhett’s gift and half gift for his owners. Who doesn’t love having a new dog at home? So the owner of these dogs decided to record the great surprise, and that’s the most beautiful thing you’ll see today!

They call Rhett into the room where the dog is hidden. He can immediately feel that something exciting is happening … So he starts barking in anticipation. His human tries to calm him down, but the dog is too excited to be quiet.

Youtube – Rhett Barkley

The Goldendoodle notices the box on the other side of the room and begins rushing to see what’s in it, the hardwood floors make things a bit difficult for him. Then the dog notices that there is something curious inside the cardboard box.

Youtube – Rhett Barkley

Rhett smells the new puppy, but he is not sure what to think about the little ball of fur. The puppie doesn’t seem to know what to do about Rhett either, but she happily wags her tail while her older brother stares at her. Probably a very exciting time for both of them!

Youtube – Rhett Barkley

Soon, the little girl, named Scarlett, was out of the cardboard box and plays around her big brother. It was not long before they were out playing on the grass while Rhett ran circles around his little sister. Of course these two will quickly become best friends!

Dog gets a puppy for his birthday:

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