Dog found abandoned in the streets with his body covered with tumors

Unfortunately, there are so many sick and injured dogs on the street who are ignored daily in Mexico City. With so many strays, it can be hard to pinpoint the one who needs help the most. But thankfully, this good boy caught the eye of a passerby who knew they couldn’t just let him be.

She couldn’t believe he’d been ignored in this condition for so long. He was starving, and his body covered in cancerous tumors.

The woman took the dog to animal rights activist Dalia Gamez who named him Boby. Boby was then transferred to an animal hospital and prescribed chemotherapy.

At the first two months, Boby underwent eight sessions of chemotherapy. With how skinny and malnourished he was, they weren’t so sure he’d survive.

Not only did he pull through, Boby had a speedy recovery and grew a shiny new coat!

Now Boby could finally just be a dog and the energetic, loving companion he was born to be.

Thanks to his story going viral, he found a forever home! It was hard for the staff to see Boby go, but they were able to take comfort in the fact he’d go on to live the normal life of a dog.

What a recovery and transformation by this sweet boy! Thanks to everyone who had a hand in helping him overcome his troubled and lonely past. The future is bright for Boby!

Source: I Love My Dog


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