Dog foamed through his mouth. When a veterinarian examined him, he found something terrifying …

A lot of people don’t know but it is essential that our pets do routine checkups. Most pet owners expect something strange to happen to get their dogs to the vet. It can often be too late!

Our pets spend a lot of time in direct contact with us and our children, so it is extremely important to look after the health of the whole family and keep our animals healthy as well.

A photo has been shocking many people on the internet, especially the owners of puppies. The image itself shows the inside of a dog’s mouth, where a cluster of ladybugs appeared.


The photographs were taken in a veterinarian’s office, where the dog stopped, foaming from the mouth. Insects appear to have secreted some kind of chemical, leaving burns in the top of the animal’s mouth.

Hoisington Vet Clinic

Many people, curious and worried about the health of the animals began to doubt the case and decided to investigate if this was really possible.

To their bad luck, the case was confirmed. Veterinarians said that this may be more common than we imagine and that it is necessary to pay close attention to your pet.

If your dog has been salivating excessively then you should check the inside of your mouth!

These insects are easy to remove, with the aid of a spoon or a tongue depressor.


“If your pet is drooling or foaming around the mouth, look for these ladybugs. They cause sores on the tongue and have a very painful bite,” one of the veterinarians told online researcher Snopes.


The good news is that this is not a fatal disease and that insects can be easily removed with your fingers or a spoon. But if you notice any burn or bleeding, it is important to take your dog to a veterinarian so that he can give a more accurate diagnosis.

The important thing is to always take care of your pet and pay attention to the things that it puts in your mouth.

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