Dog flu is spreading fast – here’s what you need to know to protect your pet

This year’s flu outbreak is not only infecting humans… Our four-legged friends can also get the flu. Canine flu has spread to various places of America and there’s no way to slow it down!

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The flu is extremely contagious among the dog community. Once your dog can’t articulate how he is feeling, you may want to be aware of the signs and symptoms. Dogs experience symptoms similar to humans, such as coughing, sneezing, fever, decreased appetite, runny nose, lethargy or just a general feeling of discomfort.

Although dogs cannot transmit the flu to humans, it’s extremely important to be alert to any flu symptoms. About 10% of flu cases can lead to death and if your dog is exhibiting symptoms, he should go to the vet immediately.

“Dog flu and people flu are not related, it’s not zoonotic, meaning dogs can’t pass the flu to their owners and people can’t pass the flu to their dogs.”, explains Dr. Malone.

Youtube – CBS Philly
Some say that in 2018 the flu has reached epidemic proportions, while others say that there hasn’t been much change from previous years. However, an animal hospital in San Francisco has reported more than 50 cases in just two weeks!

Canine flu is spread through sneezing, coughing and barking. So be careful when you walk with your dog in public places. In addition, dogs shouldn’t share water or food dishes with other dogs if they exhibit flu-like symptoms.

Like humans, dogs also have a flu vaccine, but it doesn’t offer 100% protection. You should talk to your veterinarian for more information and see if your dog would benefit from the vaccine.

Youtube – CBS Philly

Dog flu is spreading fast

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Be informed and protect your dog!

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