Dog eagerly awaits the baby’s birth – first impression has already melted hearts

Weimaraners are very kind dogs, with a unique beauty and a very glossy gray coat. In addition to all these wonderful features, they are also good with babies. Bottom line: these animals are perfect for families. This is exactly what this couple from Barcelona, Spain, recently discovered.

For nine months, a Weimaraner named Frame waited patiently for the human mother to give birth. The dog rested his head near the pregnant woman’s belly, until the magical day arrived and the newborn came to the world. The couple took precautions to make sure the dog would be friendly with the baby… and the dog’s reaction could not be better!

Facebook – The Dodo
They are in love with each other

The boy loves to snuggle with Frame and smile next to him. The family thought their relationship would please the Internet, and they were right! After posting photos of them on social networks, thousands of people have commented on how cute these two are.

Facebook – The Dodo

Watch a few scenes from this wonderful duo in the video below, including the time the dog met the little human being for the first time. They will surely enliven your day.

What loving friends! We wish all the best for this family, and may Frame and the boy be companions forever. Is your dog also passionate about your child? Share your opinion with us in the comments!

Source: I Love My Dog


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