Dog doesn’t stop hugging his owner who fell in the middle of the street. But it wasn’t any hug

We cannot imagine a greater love in this life than the one of a canine for his humans. Nothing compares to the sense of companionship and canine fidelity. From an early age the dogs begin to build a relationship with their owners and this relationship lasts for life. Once you love a dog, you’ll never be alone again.

Tony is a puppy who lives with his owner, Jesus Hueche, in Argentina. One day the man slipped down the stairs. There were six meters of fall and in the end the man was sprawled on the cold and stiff sidewalk. Unfortunately, he hit his head and lost consciousness.


The little dog was devastated to see that his father was hurt. So, he decided to stay close to him and hugged him at all costs. The paramedics arrived quickly, and even when Hueche was being taken care of, Tony was still there, hugging him…


It didn’t take long before Jesus regained his consciousness. Tony did everything to be close to his owner, and he even tried to get into the ambulance but it wasn’t possible. Thank God they did not stay away from each other for long.


The man’s injuries were mild and he was quickly released from the hospital, to be with his four-legged friend. “One day I saw Tony on the street and I adopted him. I gave him love, food and he is part of our family.”, Hueche said. “He’s like a son to me.”, he added.


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Source: Best Of Web


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