Dog dies heartbroken one month after the death of her beloved human

Animals are constantly showing us their ability to express their feelings. They have the ability to love us at all costs, but when the bad times come up they also suffer! Today we’re going to meet a little dog who died because she had felt too much the lack of her beloved owner…

A woman, named Ângela Ferreira, died at the age of 49 due to a cerebral aneurysm. Angela took many people to mourn her death, but the one who was hurt the most by this tragedy was her little dog named Dory.

After nearly a month of Angela’s death, Dory had a seizure crisis and “left.” Experts say the dog was in such advanced depression that she suffered a series of brain injuries.

According to the victim’s husband, the two were completely inseparable. When her human passed away, Dory searched everywhere and soon realized something was wrong!

We can’t imagine the pain that this little dog must have experienced… The bonds that a dog can create with his human are unimaginable and this story is proof of that. Let’s hope these two are together in a better place… Rest in peace!

Source: Best Of Web


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