Dog dies after standing next to owner’s grave for 9 years

People who have dogs know that they are the best friends a human can have. So, so that we can enjoy even more the pure soul of these animals, we leave here another story that will thrill you!

Collie arrived at the cemetery at the age of five in the same day they buried her owner, and from then on she refused day after day to get away from the grave.

The dog resisted all attempts to take her away from his deceased friend and always returned to the cemetery. To everyone’s amazement, even after 9 years she was still there, firm and strong in the same place.

Until one night he lay near the grave and never walked away.

Collie had severe kidney failure and had seizures for a few days, all as a result of deep dehydration and severe weakening of the animal. Despite her treatments, Collie had convulsions and died, but with all the dignity of a faithful dog who wanted to accompany the love of her life to eternity.

Source: Só Animais


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