Dog cries when he realizes he was abandoned in the shelter by his family

Sometimes people don’t know how much damage they do to their pets by walking away from them after spending so much time with them, maybe they have their reasons, but this is something the dog will never understand.

Blue King had to live the terrible experience of being abandoned in a shelter because his family had to move out of town and decided they couldn’t take him with them.

That left him with deep sadness in his heart. The worst part is that Blue was left in a shelter that has a very high rate of euthanasia dogs if they are not adopted; therefore, the longer Blue was there, the more likely he was to die.

But the Carson shelter volunteers know this reality and made a video of Blue to put it on her Facebook page SavingCarsonShelterDogs and promote her adoption.

They say that if we are emotionally wrong, it will be reflected in our body, and this seems to have happened to Blue, who had teary-eyed since arriving at the shelter.

Fortunately, Jennifer McKay saw the video and made the decision to save Blue. She went to the shelter to find him, “he looked very sad and depressed,” says Jennifer. “He didn’t even recognize me, all the other dogs were making eye contact and wagging their tails, but he didn’t get up, he didn’t come to see me.”

Jennifer also felt that Blue was still looking for the owners who left him at the shelter.

“You could say that every time someone walked by, it was like looking for them,” he said. “It’s like he knew he’d been left there.

Jennifer wanted to take Blue home immediately, but the shelter had to do some temper tests on him, so Jennifer visited him all the time, although he still looked sad.

One day he brought her a bone and a dog bed, he couldn’t be caressed yet, but he certainly had enjoyed the bed and Jennifer had already attracted his attention.

The next day, when she went to visit him, Blue quickly approached her from the edge of the cage. “He came straight to me!” Jennifer counts on excitement.

It took a whole week for Blue to be evaluated until Jennifer could finally take him home and that’s when his attitude finally changed completely.

“He betrayed me,” Jennifer laughs.

“I was hoping to have a quiet, relaxed dog, but as soon as the doors opened in the kennel, he got very excited and loves to drive around and stick his head out the window.”

After walking home, Blue took a nice shower and fell asleep on the couch, seeming to have perfect space in her new home.

“Looks like he’s feeling at home,” says Jennifer. One of the things he likes to do most is to look in the mirror for hours.

Blue still has things to learn, like some basic commands and walking on the collar, but he’s not the same sad dog from the shelter anymore. “He just looks happy,” said Jennifer. “I came back from work yesterday and he ran straight to me, he’s a good dog, I’m very excited that he’s part of the family.

Fortunately, Blue now has a family forever, but now the shelter is at full capacity and that means only one thing … euthanasia. On the SavingCarsonShelterDogs Facebook page of the shelter, you can see dogs waiting for a home.

Source: Zoorprendente


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