Dog couldn’t stop shaking after being dropped off at the shelter

A dog, named Neno, was surrendered to Fort Worth Animal Care and Control, because his owner could no longer take care of him. This was a sad moment that turned his life upside down. Unfortunately, after being dropped off at the shelter, Neno became very scared and anxious. In fact, the sweet dog could not stop shaking…

When a shelter worker, Paige King, saw the puppy, she was heartbroken!

Facebook – Paige King

“He was terrified,” said Paige. “He was sitting still in the middle of the kennel with his legs tucked so tight. He would turn his head sideways to avoid looking at me.” Then, the woman immediately picked up her cell phone to film the pup and promote him on social networks:

The touching video has already been seen more than 250,000 times and soon caught the attention of Laura Rodgers. “The moment I saw the video, I cried,” said Laura. Then the woman jumped into her car the next morning and took over an hour to meet Neno.

Facebook – Paige King

After arriving at the shelter, Laura was informed that some people had visited Neno. However, after meeting him, they decided that he did not fit well… Still, the good-hearted woman wanted to meet the dog.

Despite knowing that Neno could have serious health problems, she knew she couldn’t leave without him. “He’s the kind of dog who fits in my wheelhouse,” said Laura. “A dog that needs love, time and attention.”

Laura brought Neno home and scheduled a visit to the vet. There, they found that he was anemic due to a tick infestation. In addition, he suffered from underactive thyroid and parasites in the heart.

Facebook – Neno – The Former Shelter Dog
He even made friends.

Neno is not the only happy animal at Laura’s house. He has won some canine brothers and even likes to hang out with all of the ducks on her property.

Facebook – Neno – The Former Shelter Dog

“I see hundreds of dog videos a day. For some reason his really hit me hard. He is a special boy.,” said Laura. Neno has a long way to go, but he is a very happy dog, compared to how scared he was in the kennel.

Facebook – Neno – The Former Shelter Dog

“Every day he amazes me about the improvements he makes and all the love he shows. He taught me a lot about forgiving and opening my heart.”

Facebook – Neno – The Former Shelter Dog

Despite facing difficult times, Neno is in good hands and has all the love and affection in the world … Share this emotional story with your friends and family!

Source: Animal Channel


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