Owner is horrified when his dog comes home with an arrow across his chest – but then he sees a word written on the arrow

An Ohio family was heartbroken after their 9-year-old Labrador was shot in the chest with an arrow. Pet owners Chatfield and Christine Redick believe the unthinkable act was intentional. The couple doesn’t understand how anyone could hurt a dog so loving and kind hearted. “He’s our family pet,” says Christine.

Facebook – Christine Redick

The couple explained that their invisible fence had a malfunction. The dog, named Cosmo, managed to escape and ran into the wilderness surrounding the Wooster neighborhood of Ohio.

On October 4, a neighbor telephoned the Redick’s family, reporting that Cosmo had been hit. “She came home from work and found our dog sitting in the backyard with an arrow in his chest,” said Chatfield Redick.


Given the choice between euthanasia or emergency surgery, the family went with the second option … An x-ray revealed that the arrow did not pierce the heart and lungs by mere millimeters.

“It just broke my heart to know that someone was able to do this with a dog,” said Christine Redick. “I believe there is no way this was an accident.”


A clue helped investigators find a suspect. In the arrow that pierced Cosmo’s body  was written a name, which corresponded to a local teenager of 16 years.

According to media reports, the 16-year-old confessed to firing on the dog after going into interrogation. However, the teen said it was an accident. He claims to have confused the dog with a coyote while hunting with his bow and arrow.

The formal charges against the minor are pending, according to Wayne County police. “Violence against pets is something we’re not going to take lightly,” said Captain Doug Hunter.


“Hunters do not chase domestic animals and the perpetrator is just a criminal,” Hunter continued. “We will do everything we can to hold him accountable.”

For the time being, the Redick family is pleased to report that Cosmo is recovering great. If it were not for the scraped hair and the scars, we would hardly know that the dog had gone through such a terrible situation:

Fortunately, all this was a scare and the animal is in good health. Despite this, we expect the perpetrator to pay for everything he did. Share this story if it is also against animal abuse!

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