Dog can’t stop hugging cops who saved him from drowning

Street dogs are considered autonomous and self-sufficient animals. In reality, it’s pure instinct, because basically they have no alternative.

We know that a domestic dog lives much longer than one that lives on the street, because it feeds better and is treated in case of illness. It’s even worse when a dog is not born on the street but is abandoned. Without the resources and experience to survive, his fate is practically sealed.

Today’s episode talks about it, but how fate can also change.

In early July 2020, in Almeria, Spain, a dog was miraculously rescued by Civil Guard agents. The owner of a farm in the area realized that an animal had ended up in an irrigation tank and could no longer get out.

The man called the local police to intervene.

It was a dog, almost certainly abandoned. He’d probably entered the small bowl several hours before and couldn’t climb. If the agents hadn’t arrived in time, he would have drowned. The animal was in desperate condition and very exhausted after trying all night to get out of the water.

The edge of the bathtub was extremely slippery, so it created problems even for the agents. In the end, a wooden pallet was used as a raft and stretcher. The first attempt failed because the rope to which the pallet was attached broke. A policeman, therefore, had to drag the structure and the dog itself out with his hands.

In the end, the agents managed to get him out safely. Despite being exhausted, hungry, and cold, the animal saved no energy to thank the rescuers. The authorities published the episode on the Civil Guard website, adding the comment “to protect and serve, without distinction of species.”

Thanks to the hard work of the local police, everything ended well for this poor puppy, now safe and sound!

Source: Olha Que Video


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