Dog can’t sleep unless he’s “wrapped” in his favorite blanket

Valentin lives with his family in Argentina since he was just a puppy. Throughout that time, his family made him feel loved and safe. So the 13-year-old dog loves being around his humans.

“He’s a very sweet and caring dog,” Juli Alexakis, Valentin’s mother. “He loves being close to people and getting cuddles from anyone. He knows our schedules and makes sure he’s at the door to greet everyone.”

When Valentin was about 8 years old, his family got him some blankets, which quickly became his favorite belongings. Valentin loved being so wrapped up in his favorite blankets that he began to fall asleep. Now, this is his nightly routine.

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Every night, the family wraps the puppy in his blankets and puts him on the bed. In addition, a stuffed animal is also an essential accessory!

“He just recently started sleeping with a stuffed animal,” Alexakis said. “When he’s awake, he likes to take all his toys into the garden and relax under the sun with them.”

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Valentin has to be “wrapped up” every night or he can not sleep. The pup eventually wanders in the rooms of different family members, to comfort himself.

“I think the blanket makes him feel safe, like a hug. So when he doesn’t have it, he comes to us to feel more secure.”

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Valentin just wants to feel safe, warm and loved whenever he falls asleep. Share this adorable story with your friends and family!

Source: The Dodo


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