Dog born with half of his spine is abandoned but defies all odds and keeps smiling

Cooper is 2-year-old dog which born with a rare birth defect. He suffered from short spine syndrome, which is caused by irresponsible inbreeding. That meant he does not have a neck.

Cooper was abandoned with only 2 months on a farm, when his previous owners realised he had no use for them. Fortunately, he was found by a rescue team, who decided to give him the chance to have a good life.

He was taken to the vets, where he was treated for worms and a hernia. He could not walk for some time and had difficulty pooping. But everyone was surprised to see that despite that he was full of happiness in his eyes.

Cooper finally found Elly and Andy Keegan who gave him a place to call home, including a large family of dogs. They keep him on regular medication to control his condition and keep him free of infections. For them, this special needs puppy turned out to be the happiest dog ever!

His disability continues to cause difficulties, but Cooper faces it all with a happy smile. He lights up the room with his presence and is very protective of his family.

His precious “short-on-spine, great love” attitude stole our hearts. We have nothing but love and admiration for the inspiring Cooper!

Click the video below to see Cooper being a lovely ball of happiness!

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