Dog becomes the most loving member of the new family that saved him from starving

Janet met Tim when she made a donation to the local animal shelter and what she saw broke her heart. She was there to donate some blankets so the animals could sleep warm and comfortable, but she never imagined that this noble gesture would change her life forever.

During her visit, she was talking to the shelter manager. At that time, they remembered that Janet had worked for years in the pet industry and had done very well as a dog trainer.

Tim was in unhappy condition when Janet was proposed to adopt him

At that time, the shelter manager proposed that Janet meet a very special pet. He asked if she would be interested in adopting a dog and also added that this was one of the most unfortunate cases of neglect he had ever seen.

Janet had just lost her dog, so she wasn’t ready to receive another pet at home. The shelter manager showed her a picture of Tim and Janet’s heart broke.

Soon this dog became strong, healthy and happy.

She reconsidered this theory about whether or not she was ready to have a new dog at home, and at that moment she knew she couldn’t refuse to take Tim to the right house.

It was the best decision this woman made in her life, because now this dog is her inseparable friend.

Tim’s ability to love and the way he adapted to Janet’s family was truly amazing. He is the best friend and guardian of her two grandchildren. Now this dog, which had a rough start, has a happy life in which it relates to things in a very unique way.

Janet used her attributes as a dog trainer to make Tim an extremely polite and intelligent animal. Not only is he a big guy with a huge heart and a lot of love to give, but he is also prepared to follow all his family’s instructions.

Janet’s huge estate has served Tim to enjoy the outdoors, but also for the dog to play freely with his new foster mother’s grandchildren. But having a good time with family are not the only occupations of this exceptional pet.

Janet is teaching him to stop, fall and crawl to the nearest door when she gives him the “Fire” command. His intention is to take Tim to local schools to teach the children some emergency and fire safety strategies. The little ones love him and Tim loves them too.

This gentle giant, as Janet calls him darling, had a terrific second chance at life. It was a blessing that their lives crossed at the right time, don’t you think?

Now Tim is one of the most beloved members of this new family.

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