Dog becomes paralyzed after being run over and abandoned in the middle of the road

A dog named Georgie ended up being paralyzed after a car hit him and drove off. The poor dog was deeply traumatized at being unable to use his back legs. For many hours, he sat frozen in fear and pain in the middle of the road. Worried passersby saw him and called rescuers for help.

Just when Georgie mustered up some courage and started dragging himself across the street, the rescuers from Animal Aid Unlimited arrived to help.

At the hospital, the vet diagnosed that Georgie had suffered significant trauma to his spine. The nerve damage had rendered him paralyzed, and there wasn’t much hope for him to walk again. But the rescuers didn’t give up on Georgie. They assigned him to a physical therapist who religiously worked every day with Georgie to reignite the flow of his nerves. The patient therapist did the magic which medicines or surgery could not.

Georgie slowly started showing some improvements. He slowly felt the strength come back to his legs as he tried standing on his own again. After months of rigorous therapy, Georgie finally did the impossible – he walked! Today, Georgie still limps a little, but he is an independent and a happy dog by all means! We thank the rescuers and the therapist for not giving up on Georgie!

Click the video below to watch Georgie’s rescue and how he heals little by little throughout his many physical therapy sessions!

Source: I Love My Dog


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