Dad didn’t want a dog at home – until one day everything changed

Who doesn’t love dogs? A 65-year-old man, Vinicius Carleto’s father, thought he did not like puppies. Until a special animal changed his life completely!

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Carleto lives in Brazil and last year suggested his parents to rescue a shelter dog. Neither was enthusiastic about the idea. In fact, his father was totally against it. “My father is old and moody, always frowning,” joked Carleto.

Carleto didn’t give up

He insisted with his mother to meet the dog he had in mind, a puppy named Pitoco, and she quickly joined him. Then the father admitted defeat and accepted the new animal in the family.

“He accepted Pitoco, but he did not think much of him,” said Carleto.

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Until everything changed

Soon, Carleto began to notice his father yielding to the charms of Pitoco. The man soon understood that the new furry member of the family was indeed adorable.

“Every time my dad came home stressed from work, he got distracted by the dog and left the stress behind,” said Carleto. “Then one day I got home and saw my father with Pitoco in the yard. They were running and playing. I never imagined that was possible.

Carleto’s father was in love

In fact, just three months later, the pair took these shirts with one another’s face on them:

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“It seems that dogs understand how we are feeling,” said Carleto. “And their company allows us to escape the daily stress of life. That’s a very important thing.”

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Dogs are capable of changing our lives, and this case is the proof of that. Share this incredible story with your friends and family!

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