Dog asks everyone who passes by his house to play fetch with him

Pets are great companions, and they are an escape for many of our problems. They are able to provide us with very fun times that we carry for our whole lives! When we are lower down, they always know how to animate us … with their games, their loving moments, or even, by taking the house apart. Today we will get to know a very sociable and fun dog: he asks everyone who comes by his house to play fetch with him!

Caterina Dellabona was walking near a neighbor’s house, when she noticed an unusual signal hanging from her gate. The sign, written in Italian, reads: “Please do not throw the toy to the cactus (the dog may get injured).” throw left or right, thank you. ”

She was very confused at first …

Until suddenly a small dog appeared at the gate with a toy in his mouth, eager and ready to play.

“He looked at us, wagging his tail, then picked up the toy and ran his head around the fence,” Dellabona said. “The fence was large enough for his head to fit comfortably, but not enough for his body to pass, so it was safe.”

It seems that the puppy asks everyone who passes by to play with him. So, his family had to put a signal to make sure the play time was always going on safely!

Dellabona began to play the toy, avoiding the nearby cactus … The puppy took the toy every time and brought it back to her. The young woman played with him for a solid 10 minutes, before finally going on his way, not that the dog was tired … The animal does not seem to get enough of play time!

Now, every time Dellabona walks by the house, she stays a bit to longer to play with her new friend – but never for as long as he wants. “I would play with him every time I passed him, but I would always have to stop the game, not him,” said Dellabona. “I do not think he’ll ever stop!”

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Source: The Dodo


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