Dog always shares his food with his toys

Since he was a puppy, Tucker has always been an incredibly sweet, sensitive dog who cares immensely about the people and things who are important to him. 

“He is the biggest baby when it comes to bugs flying on him, thunder or loud noises,” Katelyn Buckley, Tucker’s mom, told The Dodo. “He is very protective of us, especially if he doesn’t recognize someone approaching us.” 

Besides his parents, Tucker is also very protective of his favorite toys, and loves bringing them with him wherever he goes. 

“He always carries them in his mouth and whines from excitement with them still in his mouth,” said Buckley. “He takes them to bed with him and does share his food with them.”

While Tucker has had many toys that he’s loved over the years, his current favorite is a stuffed lamb, and even though it’s rather large, he loves carrying it everywhere anyway. 

Tucker loves his toys so much that whenever it’s time for him to eat, he always makes sure his toys can reach the food bowl too, so he can share his food with them — and it’s the sweetest thing to watch. 

Watch the video below:

“He takes his toy and gently places its face in the bowl and will tip over the food bowl and scatter the food for it,” said Buckley.

Tucker has been trying to share his food with his toys for years now, and doesn’t seem to realize that they never eat the food the same way he does. Even if he has noticed, he doesn’t care — he loves his toys so much and will always make sure to share everything with them, no matter what, because that’s just the kind of dog he is. 

Source: The Dodo


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