Doctor interrupts class and runs to a young woman – she is in tears when she notices who he is

Ashli Taylor had a very troubled early life. When the girl was born, she had congenital cirrhosis of the liver, a condition that injured her liver and didn’t let it work as it should. The situation was serious and she had to be fed with a tube through her nose. Her early life was spent in a hospital, between wires and exams. To survive, the girl needed a transplant. It was the surgeon Robert Goldstein who performed the operation and saved the baby’s life. Years later, the doctor interrupted her lesson to do something incredible.

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Risky Operation

Ashli Taylor’s mother, Crystal Pope-Taylor, made the bold decision to donate a portion of her liver to save her daughter’s life. Robert Goldstein, a Dallas surgeon, was the one who performed the operation.

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Luckily the operation went well. Thanks to the mother and the excellent surgeon, the girl survived! Ashli became a beautiful, healthy young woman, but she hardly ever spoke about her beginning in life. A start that could have ended early…

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This is why Ashli’s colleagues didn’t know what had happened. Until one day, in December of 2015, the girl decided to tell her story in a class of “creative writing”. The young woman decided to write a long letter to the man who saved her life, Robert Goldstein.

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It had been 15 years since the important operation, but she had not forgotten. The girl never had the opportunity to talk to him, and that’s why she wanted to thank him with all her heart. Ashli wrote the letter and went on with her life.

The reunion

But one day someone knocked on the door of her classroom. A man came in and ran toward Ashli. At first she understood nothing… But when she heard the name “Robert,” everything changed.

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Right in front of her, in a surgeon’s outfit and a bouquet of flowers, was the man who saved her life! “She changed me so much that I wanted to give her something back. I wanted to make her understand that her words touched me,” said Robert Goldstein.

Both were very moved. The moment they hugged each other, they both burst into tears. Ashli finally had the opportunity to thank Robert personally.

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“Doctors don’t get many thanks. They need to know that people appreciate their work,” says Ashli Taylor. The video of Ashli and Robert’s reunion was seen thousands of times… watch the clip below and understand why!

What a beautiful and emotional meeting… share if you agree!

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