Divorced mom about to get on the plane with her children for vacation – suddenly, the father appears

A child’s life changes completely after a parent’s divorce. Holidays and the days in general are divided, since the parents are no longer a couple nor a team. However, there are moms and dads who do everything they can so that the children can still feel that the family is united despite the separation. The attitude of the divorced mom we will see next shows how co-parenting and respect between ex-couples is possible.


When divorced parents decide to respect each other, they will have equally active and healthy relationships with their children. Respect is very important in the long run for children. According to the Huffington Post, here are 12 positive effects that co-parenting can have on the younger ones:

Thanks to co-parenting, children:

1. Feel that they are loved and that their emotions are important.

2. Have positive behavior, and their socio-emotional development becomes balanced, allowing them to enjoy their childhood and have a healthy education.


3. Build trust and self-esteem.

4. They feel that they can communicate openly without fear, which reduces their level of anxiety.


5. Are proud of their parents, and create feelings of respect for them.

6. Maintain strong bonds with both parents, which helps them develop healthy relationships.

7. Are able to connect with their stepfathers/stepmothers without shame or guilt.


8. Love their parents equally and remain connected without feelings of betrayal and fear.

9. Respect parents and don’t get feelings of resentment or anger in adult life.


10. Don’t feel rejected knowing that their parents are making a conscious effort to do parenting in harmony.

11. Present themselves with ease in school and in their daily activities.

12. Feel that they are part of the family, and don’t feel responsible for fixing things between parents, or for protecting one parent from another.

Divorced mom and ex-husband go on vacation with their children

Co-parenting can be difficult, but Laura Dee and her ex-husband do it right! While most divorced couples would not dream of spending vacation together, she and her ex-husband decided to do it for their children.

Dee and the father of her children have been separated for eight years, and they realized that the children were hurt by the separation. Holidays were the times of the year when they most missed the family together.

“As parents seeing our children upset is hard, all we want is to make our children happy. Co-parenting is hard for many people but we are proud of what we have achieved with bringing our children up,” Dee said.


Dee and her children, Darcie and Callum, were at the airport to go on vacation. When they were about to embark, the father appeared in the crowd to surprise them. The children were so happy to see their father, and they ran to hug him. But when they learned that he was going on vacation with them, the brothers began to cry. Their reaction is absolutely comforting.

You can watch the video below.

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Source: Parenting Isn’t Easy


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