Diver did not understand what the seal wanted – when he holds out his hand, everything becomes clear

People’s favorite hobbies vary, depending on their interests, tastes, and lifestyles. Many people love the calm of the sea and love to do diving, while others prefer the adrenaline of climbing the mountains.
What we can find in the sea can surprise us a lot. Most people would even like to try scuba diving, but the fear of the unknown is so great that they postpone this project.
Gary Grayson is a man used to do diving. He has recently been enjoying this hobby, one of his favorites, on the Isles of Scilly in Britain. This was not one of the quiet, habitual dives to which man is accustomed. Something has happened and it will always mark you for life.
Two gray seals suddenly appeared during Gary’s dive. Surprised, the diver acted as naturally as possible. After all, he was closer than ever to these two wild animals.
One of the seals swam to Gary and nodded. Gary did not understand and tried to keep calm. He was receptive to the interaction with the two animals, though he was always cautious.
In an attempt to interact with those two curious, Gary reached out his hand. What is not the astonishment of the diver when the seal seizes her hand and pulls it against her belly. She just wanted to cuddle!
What cuddling seals. I think we’d all like to have a date like this, do not we?

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Source: Incroyable


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