Disfigured soldier with scars says “Hi” to a 5 year-old-girl – her response left millions of people in tears

After serving the army for 13 long years, Simon Brown’s life changed completely. In 2006, he was part of a rescue mission and saved six comrades who got stuck when their vehicle broke. As the group was trying to escape, Simon was hit in the face by a sniper. He survived miraculously, but was partially blinded and scarred. The disfigured soldier went through more than 25 surgeries and had to leave the army.

His cheekbones and nose were rebuilt, his jaw remodeled, and he had to put on a fake eye. Simon’s newly disfigured face made him lose self-confidence. Moreover, since he lost most of his vision, he had to readjust his life completely.

Youtube – HelpforHeroesTV

Meanwhile, a 5-year-old girl named Temperance Pattinson, also known as Tempy, began to create an enormous affinity for soldiers and war heroes. She started volunteering to help veterans from age 3! Tempy even attended charity triathlons dedicated to soldiers.

Youtube – HelpforHeroesTV

Tempy has always dreamed of meeting a real-life soldier, and Help for Heroes has made her dream come true. This incredible organization helps individuals who have suffered injuries and illness while serving. So, as part of the Facing It Together campaign, Simon and Tempy met in person.

Simon and Tempy finally meet

The meeting was personal and very emotional. Simon was not sure how the girl would react to his eyes, his scars and overall appearance. But Tempy’s reaction became viral on Facebook: not only was she not afraid, but she also asked what had happened to him, and congratulated him on overcoming obstacles. What a wonderful girl… the video of the meeting became very popular, and had thousands of shares.

Youtube – HelpforHeroesTV

Watch the moment that Tempy and Simon get to know each other… believe me, it’s worth every second!


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