Teacher builds a belt so disabled student can dance

Teachers occupy a very important place in the life of each student. They contribute in the learning process with love, respect, and conveying the best example, leaving positive marks. An example of this is this teacher of a disabled student.

He had an extraordinary gesture with his Agostina Andreata, a seven-year-old girl who dreamed of being a dancer. She managed to make haver her dream come true by participating in a show with her colleagues in Catamarca, Argentina, thanks to the teacher.

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The girl can’t walk because she was born with a malformation that paralyzes the lower half of her body. But that was not an impediment for her to participate in choreography like the rest of her classmates.

Mariano Reyes, her teacher, was in charge of making that possible by creating a harness so she could dance. He learned the steps and accompanied her so that Agostina could dazzle everyone with her joy and talent.

“The idea came because I saw it in an Internet video. Here in orthopedic houses there is nothing like that, so I went to a seamstress and we made everything from scratch.”

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The dance was organized for all students in the second grade. The strap design was a success and he is grateful for the work of the dressmaker who helped him to mount the perfect harness. “I’m very tall and Agos is very young, we had to do everything right not to put her┬áhealth at risk,” said Mariano.

“It’s one thing to walk, another to dance, to jump and scream, so we had to have a firm harness.” I did not sleep for three nights, but fortunately everything turned out ok,” he added.

He commented that it was a very emotional experience to dance with his student.

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Since he had asked Agostina’s parents for their approval, they were receptive. “I asked permission to see if they allowed me to do this madness, they said yes, all because she could be happy.”

The girl participated in two choreographies, one dance while using her wheelchair and the other with her gym teacher and belt.

See the inspirational video below.

Finally, she was able to make her dream come true, and the world was moved by the video. Share if you liked it!

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