Man humiliates people using disabled parking illegally in the best possible way

Sometimes, in big cities, it can be very difficult to find a free place to park our car. Some drivers decide to stop at less proper places such as roadsides, sidewalks, among others. However, it is absolutely inadmissible to steal disabled parking illegally.

Apart from being incredibly unforgivable, this is totally forbidden and very disrespectful. A man from Romania decided to do something to give a lesson to people parking in places for the disabled, and captured the moment in the cameras. His idea was so great that the clip has already circled the world!

And how did he humiliate the drivers who parked improperly in the reserved places? After they stopped the car, he went to them with a wheelchair. At that time, he said that those who park in disabled places must be incapacitated, so they should be in a wheelchair.

Each driver had a different reaction. Some people were really embarrassed, while others found that scene amusing… furthermore, there were those who tried to justify themselves, or simply didn’t care about their disrespectful act.

Watch the clip below and see for yourself.

Places for the disabled exist for one reason: to make their lives a little easier, in a world where there are many obstacles to them. Share if you think drivers should have more respect for others!

Source: Les Autos


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