Disabled dog about to be put down shows everyone he is not ready to give up and recovers

Often dog owners make the decision to sacrifice their animals instead of devoting their time to help them. Today we’ll meet Speedy, a lovely, sweet dog, who was paralyzed. He moved only by dragging himself across the floor… So his owner thought his condition was useless and called Sidewalk Specials to end his life. But the little dog had other plans.

When Sidewalk Specials arrived, the dog did his best to show that he wasn’t ready to die! He wagged his tail and showed emotion, despite his disability. He warmed the hearts of the volunteers and they decided to raise money to rehabilitate him.

Youtube – Sidewalk Specials

They described the moment by saying, “Speedy wagged his tail and licked every hand that came near him. Despite his inability to use his front legs, he was still such a happy dog and he quickly proved to us that he wanted to live.”

Youtube – Sidewalk Specials

The volunteers devoted all their time and attention to Speedy to walk again. “He was still very shaky, but he was slowly but surely moving his front legs again…a month later, he was not only walking around, but running!”

Check out this incredible transformation in the video below:

This is the proof that the proper medical care, a little love and affection can work miracles. Speedy proved to be a warrior, showing that we should never give up on our animals. Share this incredible transformation with your friends and family!

Source: I Love My Dog


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