First twins of the world with different skin colors are already adults: see how they look today!

Donna Aylmer was very pleased when she learned she was expecting twins. But after birth, she was shocked when she looked at the newborns’ faces: they had different skin colors. One of them, Lucy, was red-haired, had light blue eyes and fair skin. Maria had dark skin, brown eyes and curly hair.

How could they be twins? Everyone in the family was very shocked when they saw the difference between the sisters. The situation surprised the mother, Donna, and many others, but the scientific explanation is very simple. Donna is half Jamaican and half British while the father of the girls is British.

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Lucy and Mary are twins, which means that two different eggs were fertilized by different sperm. Genetically speaking, Mother Donna has genes with light and dark characteristics, which resulted in a twin with light skin and a dark one.

Unfortunately, the color difference led them to be intimidated during childhood, especially Lucy.

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“They thought I was adopted and they called me a ghost,” says Lucy. Maria, in turn, wanted to be more like Lucy during her childhood. “I used to cry a lot, i had curly hair, I wanted my sister’s beautiful red hair,” she says.

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Nowadays, the girls are very different, both physically and psychologically. Maria loves fashion and is more extroverted, while Lucy is more reserved and likes art. But, although they are very opposites in several aspects, they have a very close relation. They are best friends and have learned to love their differences with pride.

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“If I have kids someday, they might look like Lucy,” Maria says proudly. Although they are very different and don’t dress in the same way, they share the same handsome smile.

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Share the story of Maria and Lucy… they’re a good reminder that we should never judge appearances.

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