Dad has diarrhea in a public restroom with his 4-year-old daughter – her reaction makes a man in another stall cry from laughter

No one knows more about lack of privacy than parents. After children are born, it’s difficult for them to have a moment alone… not even in the bathroom can they get a few minutes of peace and quiet! Clint Edward, who has a blog about parenting, knows perfectly what that is. Recently, the man had diarrhea in a public restroom and had to take his daughter, Aspen, along with him.

Bored Panda

The father of three children was driving for two hours on a family trip, when diarrhea “hit him.” He had his 4-year-old daughter at a gas station with him, and he had no choice but to take her to the bathroom. While Edward was struggling with his guts, the girl decided to do something that left a man in another stall crying from laughter. Edward decided to share the funny story on his blog, and now the text has become viral. Read and find out why!

Bored Panda
Girl encourages father in the bathroom

“We stopped at a gas station in nowhere Oregon, two hours into a 12 hour road trip to a family funeral, when the diarrhea struck. My wife and two older kids were in the van, while I was inside looking for cornflakes with my 4-year-old.

We b-lined into the restroom, making it just in time. I had no choice but to take my 4yo into the stall with me. Aspen watched as I struggled, Moana light-up crocs on the wrong feet, blue eyes wide and supportive, hands clapping. “Good job, Daddy! Good job! You make two poops! Now three poops! I’m four!”

‘Yucky, Daddy. It’s stinky.’

Bored Panda

I’m not sure what happened exactly, if I’d eaten something wrong, or if it was the stress of traveling with kids, but what I do know is that my 4-year-old daughter is the Richard Simmons of pooping. I’ve never felt so supported in anything in my whole life. She commented on the size, smell, and sound. ‘Wow!’ She said. She commented on my work ethic. ‘You’re trying so hard!’ At one point I had to actually push her face away from the business end of things as she clapped and cried ‘You’re doing it, Daddy! You’re doing it!’

Bored Panda
Supporting the father as he supported her

She’s potty trained, sure. But she’s also easily distracted, and prone to potty accidents. I suppose she’s gotten used to the positive reinforcement Mel and I give her each time she goes. And when I’m cheering her on in our family restroom, it seems normal, even appropriate. But when the roles are reversed, it’s just, well, awkward. Particularly in a public restroom where the man in the stall next to me was obviously holding back tears of laughter. Laughter that busted loose when she called me a ‘pooping-farting robot.’

Naturally it all passed, and as I buckled Aspen into the car seat, a small package of anti-diarrhea pills held in my mouth, Mel asked what took so long, and I rolled my eyes and mumbled, ‘You don’t want to know.’

It was then that Aspen was kind enough to recount the story to her mother, clapping the whole time. I sat in the driver’s seat. Mel patted my leg, ‘Nice work, Daddy.’

All I could do was say, ‘Thank you.'”

And you, have you ever had something similar happen to you with your children? Share your “lack of privacy” stories after parenting with us!

Source: Bored Panda


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